Virtual Jobs

Digital Automation Tools – The only solution that converts your website into an all-in-one Field Service Dispatching Operation.

Virtual Jobs

Whether you’re a small operation with 1 or 2 trucks or you’re running 50+ trucks. Virtual Jobs is built to deliver everything a local contractor needs to run a successful and efficient dispatch operation online.


Plumbing, Heating, Utilities, HVAC, Construction Jobs, Park Ranger, Shuttle Services, Recycling, Waste Management, Fleet Tracking, Inspections, Accident Reporting, General Contractor, Cleaner City, Traffic Control Drawing, Demolition, Hauling, Cleaning Services, Electrical, Environmental Services, Virtual Training, Site Work, Paving, HOA, Government, and more…

Streamline Data

Export data to import into Foundation Construction Software, Primavera P6, Procore, QuickBooks. Optional API integration available.


Reduce your reliance on paperwork and increase your operation efficiency. Dispatch and schedule jobs quickly with populated products, service, customers and more.


Manage jobs from virtual office or on any mobile device.

Faster and Accurate

Faster and Accurate Service Delivery to Your Customers.


Run and Track Your Operation from Anywhere.

GPS Directions

Generates directions to the service address when job is dispatch.

Increase Productivity

Field workers can respond to task quickly.

Huge Cost Savings!

Virtual Jobs – $15,000.00 one time setup cost with unlimited trucks, you own it. Optional $1,500.00 or less a year to maintain on your favorite hosting, includes training, licenses and form enhancements for product update.

Competitor is one of our competitors. Their cost for 52 trucks is $28,080.00 a year and $140,400.00 for 5 years.

Drawing Tool

Ask about our drawing tool. Can be use to draw on project photos or to create traffic control drawings.

Contactless Feature

Contactless feature allows customer to confirm invoice.

Appointment AI

Optional: Book end text message or email notifications. Connect with dispatcher or technician. Customers can book, cancel or reschedule using a link.

Virtual Flex

Enable agents to quickly transition from the contact center to home office.

Virtual HR

Workplace Collaboration and Hiring – Connect remote workers from anywhere reliably and set up 1:1 interviews or virtual job fairs to meet and recruit candidates.

Virtual HR

Customizable and Expandable –  We can customize your copy of Virtual Jobs to meet your needs.

Virtual Jobs

We trust that you will take a close look at how Virtual Jobs can help your firm.

All-In-One Field Service Dispatching Operation

Virtual Jobs is the only solution that converts your website into an all-in-one field service dispatching operation.
It allows you to replace physical paper with digital forms to speed up job process.


Field Service Dispatching


What Makes Virtual Jobs a Better Choice?

First, Virtual Jobs is an intangible asset that generates economic benefit to your business because of volume pricing, and cost savings among competitor. Secondly, it allows you to scale when you need to with no additional cost. Moreover, it comes with unlimited users, you only pay a low annual fee for licensing renewals and for running the product on your own hosting. Thirdly, and most importantly, you own your copy of Virtual Jobs for life.

Virtual Jobs Benefits


  • 90% savings among competitor.
  • Reduce cost.
  • Volume pricing.
  • Intangible asset.

No Limit!

  • Grow with no additional cost.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited job dispatching.
  • Unlimited reports.

Own It!

  • Own your copy.
  • Your branding.
  • White label.
  • Tax deduction.

Get Jobs Completed Faster!

Eliminate physical paper trail by using digital forms. Improve job communication delays with messaging. Navigate to the nearest job location on time using GPS. Centralized data dashboard for dispatching jobs. Get more information from your job pictures or image by using our image editor tool.

Virtual Jobs

Field Service Dispatching

Virtual Jobs helps streamline the dispatching of jobs for your field service operation. Jobs can be dispatched from anywhere and from any device. The built-in automation features allows you to process your forms and jobs faster.


Faster Jobs

Automate the process from intake to billing. Autofill multiple common data entries at once. Produce more accurate results and faster job completion.

Virtual Platform

Designed to help you run your dispatching field service operation in an online environment, rather than a physical. Maximize your distance benefits.



Distance Features

No need of invoice signature is possible using our contactless contact option. Allows your customers to feel safe after the job is completed.

Meet the Latest Challenges.

We constantly improve our software with innovative features to meet today’s challenges.

Available Add-ons – Photo editor for project diagrams, picture drawing and editing, daily reports, SMS, Salesforce and Zapier.

Customization and integration – Integrate the look and feel of your existing reports with our system. Export data to import into Foundation Construction Software, Primavera P6, Procore, QuickBooks, Waveapps, and many other systems.